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Our Featured Brewer

D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. is a family owned and operated brewery located in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.  Founded in 1829, the brewery is currently operated by the 5th generation of the Yuengling family.  Yuengling is officially recognized as America’s Oldest Brewery.  Yuengling’s portfolio of brands provides customers with an appealing variety of products ideal for any occasion.

Our Featured Brewer

Our 1st Featured Brewer: 

John Callahan - Yuengling PA Brewing Manager            

Special thanks to John and Yuengling for participating in the new 

"Meet the Brewer" series with Beer Meister®. Here's to many more.

Beer Meister® Q & A Session with John:

What was your story before joining Yuengling? I grew up in the shadow of the brewery; my grade school was the next block up from the brewery, and the local Catholic high school just a few blocks away. Before working at the brewery I worked in various local plants and factories.

How did you learn to brew? On the job training, cleaning tanks and vessels by hand. As well as being mentored by the late great Ray Norbert, Yuengling employee for 52 years, Brew Master for over 32 years.

Did you have any professional training? If so, where?I attended the Master Brewers course in Madison Wisconsin 11 years ago, and received a diploma from the Sieble Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois, in 2010.

When did you decide to be a professional brewer and why? It wasn’t a plan, I just needed a job, and as the craft brewers started rolling in 30+ years ago, we realized this could actually take off, so I started taking things more seriously and started asking questions, which didn’t happen too often at our brewery.

How was the transition to a professional brewing? I wouldn’t exactly call myself a professional, we just do what we love to the best of our ability, and put out the best beer we can. It’s easy to make a good beer, with the quality ingredients we buy, but to do it consistently with old equipment is a testament to the work ethic and dedication of the brewers.

How did you end up at Yuengling? I was not satisfied with my job at that time, and while driving down the brewery hill one day, I yelled to a guy crossing the street, if he had any jobs open, well it happened to be Mr. Norbert, and he said ‘come on in’, and he even filled out my application for me, told me to get a physical, and report the next morning with warm clothes in the beer cellars.

What’s an average day like? Reading reports, returning e-mails, making my rounds thru various departments, checking in with Pottsville engineers, monitoring CO2 levels, and meeting with the brewhaus foreman, to go over schedules and any issues. Directing rail traffic to proper destinations, releasing empty rail cars, ensuring both brewing departments have all raw materials to brew. Meeting with maintenance department to keep equipment running and maintained. Meeting with Mill Creek brewing foreman, and brewers, setting schedules, checking production and quality of beers.

What about brewing did you learn the hard way? You’re dealing with Mother Nature, raw ingredients change monthly or yearly. If something can go wrong, it will. Making the same beer, day after day, is more challenging than you realize.

What’s your favorite memory of working at the brewery? Being promoted to Pennsylvania Brewing Manager the same day my wife, Donna, was hired in the accounting department full time, was a great day for us.

How has the brewery changed since you started? The amount of beer we currently brew at the old brewery is crazy, especially with the older equipment and limited tank space. Also, seeing the modernization of equipment, and actually being part of building a new brewery is a once in a lifetime experience, enough to write a book about.

What other brewers do you look up to or enjoy? The brewers from around Pennsylvania are a great bunch, we’re a close knit community, and will help each other in any way, that goes for the small brewers in every state. But to not acknowledge the Yuengling family would be wrong, I have worked for 3 generations so far, and without their commitment and dedication to the beer business, the local community and my family would be worse off. We have it very good in a great business.

What is your favorite beer you brew at Yuengling?Premium is my daily choice for a beer, but on weekends, my wife and I mix the ‘Tavern Style Porter’ with ‘Chesterfield Ale’ for an old fashioned ‘Half and Half’.

What are some new beers in the works? We just finished an award winning ‘Summer Wheat’, made with all authentic German ingredients and top fermenting Ale yeast. We are also starting to develop a new winter seasonal.

What is your favorite food with beer? A plate of Carpaccio, with Parmesan Reggiano, peppers, capers, a hunk of crusty bread, and washing it down with a ‘Chesterfield Ale’, in a tall skinny pilsner glass.

Who is your favorite band and why? Tony Bennett, Michael Buble’, Al Green, anything sexy. We dance to R&B, old school stuff, Earth-Wind & Fire, Philly Funk Band, etc.

What is your favorite movie and why? Any John Wayne or Mel Brookes movies, cowboys and comedians.

Our Featured Brewer

yuengling beers

  The Beers & a couple of notes from the Brewer.

(Go to Yuengling.com for more details)


Traditional Lager


Tasting Notes:


 Medium Bodied Flavor; Roasted Caramel Malt Gives a Subtle  Sweetness


Food Pairing:


 Fried Chicken, Barbeque, Crab, Beef, Lamb, Duck, Hot and Spicy Food. 

Light Lager


Tasting Notes:


 Sweet Malt Flavor; Light Body; Crisp  Mouthfeel


 Food Pairing:


 American fare and Picnic Foods 

Black & Tan


 Tasting Notes:


 Medium Bodied; Roasty/Sweet Flavor with slight Afterbitte


  Food Pairing:


 Creamy soups, Chowders, Salads

Dark Brewed Porter


 Tasting Notes:


 Creamy Mouthfeel; Slight Tones of Chocolate; Full Bodied Flavor


 Food Pairing:


 Chocolate Desserts, Barbeque or Smoked Meats

Lord Chesterfield Ale


Tasting Notes:


 Citrus and Flower Hop Notes; Lingering Herbal Hop Bitterness; Hint of  Grapefruit/Citrus in Aroma and Finish


 Food Pairing:


 Salad, Tex-Mex, Thai, and Vietnamese food

Premium Beer


 Tasting Notes:


 Light to Medium Body; Sweet Pale Malt Notes; Crisp/Smooth Mouthfeel


  Food Pairing:


 Fried Chicken, French Fries, Macaroni & Cheese

Light Beer


Tasting Notes:


 Clean with Light Malt Notes; Light Body


   Food Pairing:


 Mediterranean Cuisine; Barbecue

Summer Wheat (Seasonal)


Tasting Notes:


 Light Body; Thick, Creamy Head with Overtones of Banana & Clove  Esters;  Refreshing Finish


   Food Pairing:


 Salads, Seafood, Grilled Entrees

Bock Beer (Seasonal)


Tasting Notes:


 Strong Lager with Hints of Maltiness; Crisp Floral and Piney Hop  Character  in the  Finish


 Food Pairing:


 Cheese; Meats; Wild Game

Oktoberfest (Seasonal)


Tasting Notes:


 Slightly Sweet Toasted Malt Character; Mild Herbal Hop Bitterness


Food Pairing:


 German Cuisine