2 Faucet Fridge Premium Conversion Kit

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2 Faucet Fridge Premium Conversion Kit


Refrigerator Conversion Kit, 2 taps for two Sanke tap kegs(Standard Commercial Beer Tap). Fully Assembled! Regulator is attached to an air manifold with Check Valves.(This is important because it keeps beer from flowing between kegs, this is an issue with kits built with TEE system) The manifold system will allow you to install and run your gas inside or outside of your fridge. When installing outside you will only need to drill one hole! This kit is designed to give you everything you need to dispense commercial beer from a Sanke tap (95% of beers on the market use this tap) except for the refrigerator. Very simple to set up, the hoses and pieces are already assembled!!! The Kit Includes: A new 5# CO2 cylinder (empty) 2 gauge CO2 Regulator with manifold, "D" system Sanke couplers, Shanks for Refrigerator with line attached, metal faucets that screw directly into Shanks, faucet handles and stainless oetiker clamps. Our kits comes fully assembled! DRIP TRAY NOT INCLUDED.

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