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Tired of the northern European lager not traveling well and having that skunky taste? Make your own at home and avoid all that with our staff favorite lager recipe! Our Amsterdam lager kit is fashioned after the world famous Dutch beer-Heineken. The hops impart a mild fruity taste and aroma while leaving a clean, crisp and refreshing aftertaste. Cold fermentation is required for this kit.

Our ingredients for this recipe includes:  6 lbs Pilsner LME, 8oz Caramel 10 malt, 8oz Carapils malt, 1/2 oz Northern Brewer bittering hops, 3/4 oz Hallertau bittering hops, 1/4oz Hallertau aroma hops, 5oz Primer sugar, Muslin bag, Instructions

Starting Gravity:   1.042-1.046 
 Finishing Gravity:   1.010-1.014 
ABV:   4.2% 



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