Winexpert Classic California Shiraz

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Discover the joy of home winemaking with the Classic California Shiraz Wine Kit by Winexpert. This winemaking kit allows you to create a rich, full-bodied wine that showcases the unique flavors and aromas of varietal grapes. The Shiraz wine you'll produce boasts a concentrated blend of plum and blackberry fruit, perfectly balanced with hints of spice and chocolate. The firm structure of this wine leads to a tannic, fruity finish, complemented by a smoky oak aftertaste. It's a mouth-filling, dark, and delicious treat that you'll be proud to have crafted yourself.

Part of the Winexpert classic series, this wine kit is designed for wine enthusiasts who appreciate the nuanced flavors of specific grape varietals. The Classic California Shiraz Wine Kit provides you with everything you need to craft your own high-quality wine at home. Whether you're a seasoned home winemaker or just starting out, you'll find this kit easy to use and the results incredibly satisfying.

So, why not bring the art of winemaking into your home? With the Classic California Shiraz Wine Kit by Winexpert, you can enjoy the process of crafting your own wine, and the reward of tasting your very own, home-brewed Shiraz.

Your kit may appear changed but only on the outside. It has been refined by Winexpert to be better in a smaller package. Your kit has been reduced from 10L to 8L and continues to make a 6 Gallon batch (23 L) yielding approximately 28-30 standard 750 ml bottles.

  • Sweetness: Dry
  • Body: Medium
  • Tasting Notes: Blackberry, spice and black cherry
  • Oak Intensity: Medium
  • Kit Size: 8L
  • ABV: 13%


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