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Hoppertunity only knocks once, so you better open the door if you are a hop lover. Inspired by the beers of the Pacific Northwest, Hoppertunity is hopped with the spicy Amarillo hop and finished with a nice citrusy Cascade aroma hop. Pair that with a great malt flavour and you have yourself a mighty fine beer!

Our ingredients for this recipe includes: 6 lbs Golden LME, 8oz Carapils malt, 8oz Caramel 10 malt, 2oz Amarillo bittering hops, 1oz Cascade aroma hops, 5oz Primer sugar, Muslin bag, Instructions

Starting Gravity:   1.042-1.046 
 Finishing Gravity:   1.010-1.014 
ABV:   4.2% 



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