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Attention dark beer drinkers! This is Beer Meister's traditional Irish Stout kit. A stout with an added extra kick. If you love the roasted goodness in dark beers, then this is the beer for you! There are more roasted grains in this recipe than any other of our kits. Followed with a nice hop accent to round off this dark classic.

Our ingredients for this recipe includes: 6 lbs Dark LME, 1 lbs Dark DME, 8oz Black Patent malt, 8oz Chocolate Malt, 8oz Caramel 80 malt, 8oz Roasted Barley malt, 1oz Centennialbittering hops, 1oz Willamette aroma hops, 5oz Primer sugar, Muslin bag, Instructions

Starting Gravity:   1.050-1.054 
 Finishing Gravity:   1.012-1.016 
ABV:   5.1% 



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