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Porters became popular with the transportation workers in the 18th century, hence the name. The workers valued this beer for its hardiness and relief from everyday life. Very dark brown with ruby highlights when held up to the light. A strong malt flavour with a roasty dryness In the finish. Requires a few extra weeks of aging for a mellower taste.

Our ingredients for this recipe includes: 6 lbs Dark LME, 3.3 Gold LME, 4oz Black Patent malt, 4oz Chocolate Malt, 8oz Caramel 80 malt, 2oz Glacier bittering hops, 1oz Target aroma hops, 5oz Primer sugar, Muslin bag, Instructions

Starting Gravity:   1.065-1.069 
 Finishing Gravity:   1.016-1.020 
ABV:   6.4% 



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