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Ah, a fall day in Minnesota! Enjoying those last few days of warmth before the winter blast comes is a must! Fall chores need to be done though. What would feel better in your hand a rake or a IPA? That's easy, drop the rake and pick-up this IPA recipe. Northwoods IPA is a must make if you love IPA’s. This beer has a little kick to it, both in hop taste and alcohol %.

Our ingredients for this recipe includes: 6 lbs Gold LME, 3 lbs Amber LME, 8oz Caramel 40 malt, 8oz Carapils malt, 2oz Northern Brewer bittering hops, 2oz Glacier aroma hops, 5oz Primer sugar, Muslin bag, Instructions

Starting Gravity:   1.070-1.074 
 Finishing Gravity:   1.015-1.019 
ABV:   7.3% 


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