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Your Swaen Pilsner Malt 55 lb. is a premium malting barley variety from the Netherlands with a light, biscuit-like flavor and vivid yellow hue. With its high enzyme content, it's perfect for making light-tasting lagers and pilsners. It is kilned to a slightly darker color than standard Pilsner malt, giving it a slightly richer flavor profile. The malt has a clean, bready aroma with a hint of honey and toasted grain. It has a light, sweet taste with subtle notes of biscuit, cracker, and a hint of grainy spiciness. Swaen Pilsner Malt is an excellent choice for making crisp, light-bodied pilsners and lagers.

This base malt is an excellent choice for every type of beer. It has a strong, sweet malt flavour and provides sufficient enzymatic power, allowing the flavour of specialty malts to come through, resulting in a high quality beer.

  • Lovibond: 2


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