Winexpert Classic Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon Wine

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Experience the joy of home winemaking with the Classic Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Kit by Winexpert. This wine kit allows you to craft your very own Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, a varietal renowned for its rich, dark flavors and full-bodied complexity.


As part of the Winexpert classic series, this winemaking kit is designed to offer you a high-quality, satisfying experience. It's perfect for both beginners and seasoned winemakers, providing all the essentials you need to create a stunning homemade wine.


The Classic Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Kit offers an exquisite blend of flavors and aromas. You'll be greeted by an explosion of red fruit on the palate, a characteristic feature of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape. This is complemented by a firm structure that leads to a tannic, toasty finish. The result is a mouth-filling, dark, and delicious treat that you'll be proud to have crafted yourself.


So, why not embark on your winemaking journey today? With the Classic Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Kit by Winexpert, you're just a few steps away from savoring your very own homemade wine.

Your kit may appear changed but only on the outside. It has been refined by Winexpert to be better in a smaller package. Your kit has been reduced from 10L to 8L and continues to make a 6 Gallon batch (23 L) yielding approximately 28-30 standard 750 ml bottles.

  • Sweetness: Dry
  • Body: Medium
  • Tasting Notes: Black Cherry and Toasty Notes
  • Oak Intensity: Medium
  • Kit Size: 8L
  • ABV: 13%


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